Krebs Custom IMS Titanium Muzzle Brake for 5.45/5.56 rifles

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Another option for the Krebs Custom lnterchangeable Muzzle System is now available!

For customers who either wish to substantially reduce the recoil of their 5.45x39 AK rifles, or who live in areas that require rifles to have muzzle brakes (as opposed to flash suppressors), we now offer our Krebs Custom Titanium Muzzle Brake for 5.45 or 5.56 rifles!

Despite the additional cost, the muzzle brake is made of US Grade 5 Titanium, with a black cutting-edge TB41 diamond-like coating.  It's designed to mount to the external 24mm threads found on our I.M.S. "base" unit, allowing the user to swiftly and easily modify their rifle to suit the requirements of the "mission (or purpose) at hand". 
The brake "weighs in" at 3.1 ounces, and adds 4 centimeters to the overall length of the I.M.S. unit.
NOTE:  Due to the tolerances of the Krebs Custom I.M.S. System, this muzzle brake should ONLY be used with our I.M.S. "base" unit.
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